Dagger of the Pact


Dagger of the Pact is a black-obsidian blade with absolutely no sheen or reflection. It is suprisingly heavy, cold, and damp to the touch. The hit is shaped into three snakes braided together, ending in three distinct snake heads at the end.


This item was given by the Naga Queen Jennesta to the Overlord of Hammerfell as a sign of a pact between her and the Overlord. The blade, it is said, is capable of detecting the presence of Nagas, allowing the owner to always know the true nature of those he or she is dealing with. Though a powerful symbol, ultimately the Overlord was seduced by the Pelorian Instrumentality and betrayed Jennesta. Before she had a chance to punish him and steal the Instrumentality for herself, the Main Characters interefered.

Story Hooks

The Dagger of the Pact was discovered by Arthus in the treaty room of the Overlord's castle shortly after his demise. It was then subsequently given to the Kingsmen protecting the Draconian King. In doing so, Arthus gave the Kingsmen a powerful tool against any and all Nagas that have infiltrated the Kingdom of Cyradiil, potentially averting a huge disaster and destruction of the Imperial City.



Dagger of the Pact

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