Chalice of the Brood


The Chalice of the Brood is a black, intricate goblet with red metallic veins throughout. At the bottom and top collar it is adorned with flawless red rubies and perfectly round black opals. On one side the scene depicts a tall, pale human wearing a crown and regal clothes. On the other, it shows a large demon with thick obsidian horns, rubies for eyes, and sharp talons. The goblet fills with one cup of blood whenever a tiefling holds it.


The Chalice of the Brood is fabled to have been the goblet used to seal a pact between some human clans and demons. It is the root of the tiefling race. Legends tell that any tiefling drinking blood from the goblet will be freed from eternal call of Lady Fierna, and any human drinking from it will be granted great boons, while at the same time damning his/her entire lineage to demonic servitude.

Story Hooks

Rumor has it that The Keepers are in the posession of The Chalice of the Brood, though none of the characters know it. Alec has only heard the legend quite recently, and views it as his one chance at freedom. Obtaining the chalice occupies his mind a lot.

The Chalice actually resided deep in the Underdark behind the powerful protections of the Drow. With the victory against Garza the pit fiend, Arthus claimed ownership of the ancient relic and has since passed it to his namesake, Alec's first son.



Chalice of the Brood

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