Celestial Forge


There are two Celestial Forges in Tamriel: One in Yokuda and the other in Morrowind. They are both created within-and-out-of a volcano, monstrous in size, magical in nature, and hot as lava. Capable of melting every kind of metal (and destroying most), they utilize lava itself as the source of heat.


Both Celestial Forges are said to have been created by 'dreams of the gods.' As the only forge capable of molding godsteel, it will destroy most normal metals, including iron, silver, and gold. The only other metals that can withstand the forge's fire are adamantine, due to its dense nature, and mithril, due to its magical properties.

Story Hooks

The Nyads have destroyed Pelor's Bell, which was made of godsteel. Since they did not have access to the forge in Yokuda, it clearly means they have (or had) access to the one in Morrowind.

The Forge in Yokuda is also a holy site for the Great Dragonborn tribe(s) on the islands.



Celestial Forge

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