Bow of Livellios Amakiir


This compound Sylvan longbow is over six feet in length and made of the finest yew found in Skyrim. It is marked with numerous Sylvan runes, both magical and mundane.


Livellios Amakiir was a local hero in the villiage of Sungard in easten Skyrim. His tireless fight against the many goblin forest-raids are legend to the townspeople even today. The ranger's tale tells of a hatred for the goblins who threatened his home that grew so overwhelming that Livellios tracked the wounded straglers back to their lair to purge them from the land once and for all. Sadly, he never returned to his beloved forest, and he and his bow were feared lost to the goblin horde.

The Keepers dispatched Arthus and Velenia to Skyrim to recover the bow and return it to the Elves of Sungard after learning of its survival. They successfully liberated it from the goblin warband that had been residing in a burned out church of a god forgotten by time.

The bow's return was cause for much celebration in the town of Sungard and Arthus and Velenia were hailed as town heroes.

Story Hooks

While Livellios' bow is a masterful example of the bowyer's art in and of itself, its true power reveals itself when it is levelled at the goblin-kin. The bow bears a rune of goblin slaying, and when in the hands of a Sylvan ranger with the goblin favored enemy it can produce up to one goblin slaying arrow per day.



Bow of Livellios Amakiir

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