Bell of Pelor


The Bell of Pelor is a simple-looking metallic bell about 3 ft high and 2ft wide. It is dull-grey in color, with some barely-legible runes around its inner and outer rim. Though very few know it, it was made of Godsteel.


The Bell of Pelor is a Pelorian Token that once-upon-a-time resided in a small church of pelorian faith on the outskirts of Cyrodiil. Sold to The Keepers centuries ago, it has since disappeared from the general knowledge, even among Pelor's followers. Rumored to have great healing powers, its true strength and abilities are unknown.

Story Hooks

Unknowing to the Keepers, it was desecrated by the Nagas and parts of it were used to forge metal plates on a large leather glove, allowing for anyone using said glove to carry Pelorian Instrumentality. Hence, when White Haven was attacked, a golem was able to break the protective seals of a monolith in the center of town and steal the Instrumentality. Since then the main characters have learned about the nature of the instrumentality, the legends, and the role this bell played in those events.

It is currently unknown to most of the party about where the bell resides, who has it, and how it came into posession of the Nagas.

William has collected all the metal plates of the leather glove and while in Yokuda, he used the Celestial Forge to create a living seed. Having poured some of his life force, and blessing it with the help of the Instrumentality, the seed, once planted, can recreate the environment that White Haven enjoyed for so many centuries.



Bell of Pelor

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