Astral Tablets


The Astral Tablets are a series of six thin stone sheets, each only a quarter of an inch thick. They are roughly the size of an average book otherwise. Each tablet is polished to a mirror finish on all sides, and appear completely blank to even the most intense scrutiny. The tablets do radiate with may different types of magic, but those emminations are constantly changing, and sometimes dissapear altogether.


Arthus and Velenia found the Astral Tablets on his final mission for the Keepers before returning home to White Haven. They were dispatched under direct orders from David Talbot, and were told not to disuss the nature of their mission with anyone, even other Keepers.

Arthus found the tablets in a mysterious pool of opaque black liquid located in a hidden chamber under the Drow city of Videnn ulu l' Valsharess ("Gateway to the Spider") in the Upperdark. After their escape from the Drow, Arthus recieved several "flashes" of knowledge while studying the tablets.

The pair returned the tablets to Galen in Cheydinhal, as instructed, where they were brougt to David without delay.

There is no further record of the Astral Tablets with the Keepers, and their true whereabouts are known only to David Talbot.

Story Hooks

Arthus' contact with the Astral Tablets granted him fragments of knowledge that he is still discovering. This experience also left him with a better understanding of his own nature, abilities, and future.

A voice whispers the name Ao, and it resonates like thunder throughout the planes. Arthus' world continues to grow beyond his wildest comprehension. He has been lucky enough to have powerful allies to shield him from the powers he has encountered, but at some point he knows he will have to be able to fend for himself or be destroyed.

It is slowly becoming clear to Arthus that David chose him to seek the tablets due to his unique nature. In truth David was aware that only one such as Arthus could ever find the tablets, much less interact with them safely. Even the Drow, who built an entire city to protect the pool guarding the tablets, for all their magic could not recover them.



Astral Tablets

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