Witch Hunter

Arthus in a nightmarish reality of overwhelming undead.

Arthus - Renowned witch hunter
Velenia - The Dark Queen as she is now called, undisputed mistress of the vampires, lady of the third fourth tier of the Necropolis and all around seductress.

The Necropolis - A massive sprawling tomb/mausoleum housing untold thousands of undead. It is six stories -tiers- high with the most powerful undead residing closer to the top. Rumor has it that Orcus' throne sits at the center of the sixth tier, but none have lived to confirm this. The structure resides in a demi-plane between worlds and is surrounded by a graveyard that extends to the borders of said plane. For centuries (or millenia) the Necropolis has poached souls on their way to the afterlife and twisted them to bolster its population.

The lower levels are inhabited by countless skeletons, zombies, ghouls, ghasts, and similar abominations. the upper tiers are home to truly horrifying creatures such as death knights, vampires, liches, ghosts, and even one or two demi-liches.

The Dark Queen controls the fourth tier with a small army of vampires as well as the afore mentioned death knights, ghosts, and it is rumored that she has held a lich of considerable power under her spell. She is a schemer and has designs on expanding her influence within the necropolis and beyond.

Arthus has been to the Necropolis and lived to tell the tale, which he often does. He has scarcely journeyed beyond Velenia's domain, partly due to the danger above, and parly due to their unusual romance.

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