Arthus Departure

Finally the time had come. It was a month from the summer solstice, and Arthus knew he had to begin the trip back to Whitehaven. He dressed and packed his gear, and as he did so he could feel that he was being watched.

“The gifts suit you well.” Said Velenia eyeing Arthus in his new boots and cloak. He did a flamboyant pirouette to further show off as Velenia laughed.

“Are you sure you have to leave? The ruins of eth’ Eiylen should be no small challenge.” She asked hoping that his curiosity would get the better of him. Arthus nodded apologetically and said “Yes, this is a promise I can’t break. For what it’s worth, I wish I was going with you.”

“I know.” She answered. “I have one last gift for you. Velenia went outside and re-entered carrying a slender bundle wrapped in silk. Handing it to Arthus she said “Open it!”

He smiled, placed the bundle on his bed and unwrapped it. His eyes went wide and he sat on the edge of the bed in disbelief. “You…” he stopped for a moment “You made these?”

Velenia nodded softly. “I worked with my master. They are a perfect match… in contrast.” Velenia answered with a smile.

She admired the care Arthus took as he adorned the scabbards and belt and carefully played with the beautiful pair of black blades. The silver runes and artistry gleamed when they caught the light as he spun the blades.

Velenia drew forth the sister saber and as the two blades touched the runes on each flashed as if licked by flame, and they began to hum. They lingered on the moment for a while, and slowly sheathed the weapons.

“I should go…” Said Arthus. “But I’ll find you after the festival and you can finally try a pumkin pie! Don’t get into too much trouble without me!” They both smiled and Arthus took her hand and kissed it gently. “Until then my lady.”

“Until then, maela.”

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