The World of Doors


"Before Tamriel was known as the World of Doors… Before Five Guardians were known in heaven and hell, there was a world trapped in a mythal, lost to gods, and shrouded in secrecy. In that world great evil stirred, born of hatred, greed, and jealousy. Her beauty was matched by her malice. Her sweet voice as potent as poison. It was a dark world, unable to shake off its destiny: unable to break free of its fate."

"Yet in even the darkest of places, a strong will, bright light, and untamable desire exist. Out of the darkness heroes are born. Out of the sorrow, mercy and kindness stand bright. And when all hope may seem to be lost, even young boys can make a difference."

"So read on, traveller, of the stories herein. Read on about the tales of Five Friends, who set out to save a town, and ended up reshaping the world."

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